Services For Doctors

  • To deal with all medico-legal cases like road-side accidents, Railway injuries, all suicidal, homicidal and assault cases, factory accidents etc.
  • To tackle with Non-MLC cases who require consideration to preclude complication in furture.
  • To give profrssional council/reply to notices served from medical council/institution or governmental agencies.
  • To prepare all documentation as per hospital requirements (OPD case paper, Indoor case paper, operative paper, Consent papers and all certificates etc.) as M.C.I. guidelines in old and and new establishments.
  • To direct the maintenance of hospital records so as to keep them medico legally sound.
  • To manage all legal proceeding in cases of civil and criminal negligence and consumer cases.
  • Medico-Legal training of medical and paramedical staff of your hospital.
  • Evalution of Injuries.

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