Dr. Vinesh Shah




M.D(Forensic Medicine)


PhD(Forensic Medicine)


Bachelor of General Law


Forensic and Medicolegal consultant

Welcome to Pixie Forensic And Medico Legal Consultancy, Embalming and Undertaking service

Pixie Forensic and Medico-legal Consultancy, Embalming and Undertaking Service run by qualified and highly experienced personal. It was originally concept of Dr.Vinesh Shah who is qualified in M.D. & Ph.D. in Forensic Medicine. He also acquired bachelor of general law. We are in this field since 2010. We deal with all branches of forensic science including forensic medicine. We also deal with Medico Legal services including medical negligence cases of criminal, civil and consumer forum. We provide unique service called Embalming that is preservation of dead body with chemical process. We are also engaged in transportation of corpse by flight(both domestic & international). We are already in existence at Surat, Ahmedabad and Mumbai is the third branch.

Our Services

Medico Legal Services

To deal with all medico-legal cases like road-side accidents, Railway injuries, all suicidal, homicidal and assault cases, factory accidents etc.
To tackle with Non-MLC cases who require consideration to preclude complication in future.
To give professional council/reply to notices served from medical council/institution or governmental agencies.

Forensic Medicine

Analyzing the Madical and Medico-legal reports such as injury report, illness certificate, impotency report.Analysis and thorough study of postmortem and its allied reports to emphasize on cause of death, time since death, circumstances of death and events related to deaths, opinions on type of injury, patterns of injury, the age of injury, weapons used in crime by studying injury.


It is preservation of dead body by which body can be preserved without ice or cold storage and body remains in its natural form & free from germs.We also provide transport facility for corpse by flight(both domestic & international).

Forensic Science

Handwriting, signatures and thumbprint examination in Fraudulent document i.e. Power of attorney, Affidavit, Sale deed and in any legal document.
Examination of Audio & Video authentication.
Cyber Forensic
Preparation of fingerprint record for corporate offices.

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Our Team

Sneha Umang Patel

Branch Head – Mumbai

Dr. Megha Gaurang Patel

Branch Head – Ahmedabad

Hitixa Vinesh Shah

Branch Head – Surat