Dead body transportation is very important fragment of post death services. During transportation it is very imperative to preserve the dead body so it won’t be decomposed and relatives can see dead body in its natural form. Ahmedabad is a metropolitan city and many migrants are working over here, moreover Ahmedabad is hub of medical tourism so patients from all over India and abroad are coming for treatment over here. When any patient dies, It’s urgent need to transfer dead body to its native place. Pixie has immense experience of transporting dead body by Air (Flight), Rail, and Road within and outside India. We have transported more than 2000 corpse only by Air (flight) within and outside India. We have branches in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Udaipur and providing these services all over India round the clock. For any help regarding dead body transportation by flight and dead body preservation, Call/Whatsapp us (+91 9727877733)