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Embalming is an art of preservation of dead body by chemical process which enables to prevent decomposition of dead body. When deceased relatives are far and funeral is delayed embalming to be done. Embalming preserves dead body and also make it disinfected so people coming into contact with corpse will not get infected with germs from dead body. We also provide transport facilities of dead body by Flight, Rail, Road within India and outside India too.


  • Delays the natural process of body decomposition.
  • Allows for delayed final disposition.
  • Allows additional time for family members and friends to travel and gather together before a viewing.
  • Allows additional time for viewing and ceremonies with the deceased present.
  • Allows additional time for reconstructive procedures, to restore the deceased for viewing by loved ones.
  • Typically provides comfort for family and friends when spending time with their loved one before final disposition.
  • Psychologists agree that viewing the body is the first step to get on the path to your grief recovery.

When embalming needed

  • When there will be a period of time between when death occurs and burial or the cremation process takes place.
  • when there is a viewing or a wake in which the body will be held in observance.
  • When dead body to be transportation to its native place.
  • When relatives are to be awaited when they are far away.


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