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Fire Safety measures-Myths and facts

July 22, 2022

IMA GSb showed Unity and Strength to Govt. by observing 24hrs Strike on 22nd July 2022 with huge response and it was only because of dedicated State and local leaders of IMA. So many doctors received notices from authorities regarding this issue, so Every members of IMA have right to know actual facts

● As per the Oral order passed on 15/12/2020 of PIL 118/2020, read para 23.14(g) as follow::

ICU Should Preferably be located only on the ground floor and have alternate exits wide enough to roll the beds out in the event of necessity

@ So it was crystal clear that there is no compulsion to shift Existing ICU to ground floor , it was only suggestive direction by high court to keep ICU in ground floor

@ Authorities didn't bother to take opinion regarding feasibility to keep ICU on the ground floor from competent Medical authorities till date since passing of the order i.e 1.5 years already passed

@ Authorities should not treat every field in same stick. Hospitals are not Hotels or Mall. Hospital are dealing with life of patients and every matter relating to Medical field should always be reviewed by competent medical authorities before implementing any directives

@ Critical patients are treated in ICU ,so factors like sepsis, noise, natural calamities, quality care play big role for establishing an ideal ICU. All these aspects should be put before court by Respondent authorities so court can review it and can give best directives but unfortunately it was lacking

@ Lastly, for natural course of justice , every concerned parties have right to put their defense, so IMA which is largest medical association of world whose members were on president and other posts in world medical association should be allowed to put their expert inputs so doctors can serve best quality care to their patients.

Dr. Vinesh Shah
M.D(F.M),PhD FM),B.G.L
Medicolegal Expert
Pixie Forensic And Medicolegal Consultancy